Thursday, July 28, 2005

Liner Notes

Liner notes to the new album:
(Pick up the album lest this happen w/o you.)

All praises due to the Most High, in whom all live, move and have their being; Respect and gratitude to the ancients who came before declaring the message of self-knowledge, natural knowledge and supernatural knowledge; Props to the faithful who presently work to eradicate the forces of meaninglessness in hip hop; Crazy hope to those who follow behind!

Nuff love to my family for enduring support and encouragement: Mama and Papa, Grandma and Louie, Mom, my brother Manuel, Angelina and Phillip, Destiny and Jr., Deborah, Big Vince, Missy, Uncle Dale and Eloisa, Sandra and Adrian, Aiden, Oscar, Carlos, Krystal, Uncle Mario, Darlene, B-Dash, Elijah, Bobbie, Denae, Jofo, Chistine and Angel. Big uppers to my cousins: Chino, Joseph, Quincy, Gabriel, Mario—repping Nolandale St. to the fullest! To Angie, the president of Pumpkin Patch Productions, I Love You!

Shots to my partners in rhyme and reason: Free Agent, Budzso Supreme, Odd Thomas [let’s get this loot], Sunkist Elementary, Edgewood Jr. High, Bassett High School, Foundation Funkollective, truthseekers, Quiet Storm Ministries, Calvary Chapels, St. Louis of France, LACPC, Brandeis University TYP, Occidental College, Talbot School of Theology, Harvey Mudd College Upward Bound, the MINDSET, Emiliano Miranda, Bintu, j-dubs, Sharon Barragan, Jokes, Peter, Playa P., Edgar, Jiggy-Justin, Edgar, Eli, Rico, Marcus, Alex, Ralphie, Stephanie, Dr. Ivan and Greenhouse Productions, Donald Quintana, SCUPE, Jim Sullivan, Michael Mata, Rudy Carrasco, Carlos Carro, Prof. Neblett, Prof. Rae, Apostles Paul and John, Augustine, Aquinas, C.S. Lewis, First Things, Walter Martin, William Lane Craig, J.P. Moreland, Ravi Zacharias, James Baldwin, Howard Zinn, Victor Villasenor, Luis Rodriguez and Rudolfo Anaya.

Thanks to Mun2, SiTV, LATV, K-DAY, Power 106, JOINTZ, Urban Latino Magazine, Divine Forces Radio, Julio G, Khool-Aid, The Wake Up Show,,,, Brizz Productions and all other urban media that supports dope L.A. hip hop.

In memory of Carlos E. Aguilar Sr. 1956-1985


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