Thursday, July 28, 2005

Q and A

(excerpts from high school newspaper article)

Q and A w/ ookworm brown

Q: Let’s start with the name, why “bookworm brown”?

A: “Bookworm” speaks to my thirst for knowledge… knowledge of self, others, the natural world and God. Books played a critical role in my spiritual and political development. I was looking for direction and found literature that spoke to my circumstance. The books of the New Testament had the greatest impact on me while in college. The Gospel of John, Romans, Corinthians and Ephesians spoke to my hope for redemption and it dealt with my uncertainties of an ordered universe.

“Brown” speaks to my political identity. My hunch is that more 3rd and 4th generation Latinos in the U.S. will, because of assimilative forces, stop identifying with their family’s nation of origin (e.g., Mexican-American, Dominicano, Columbiana, etc.) and start identifying with the experience of “being brown” in American culture.

Q: Were you given that name?

A: I named myself. Naming is a powerful act, or at least it used to be.

Q: Why did you name your album Heaven and Earth?

A: I’m preoccupied with both Heaven and Earth, as subject matter. The title also speaks to the tension of being heavenly minded AND being earthly minded. It also suggests a balanced world-view, that is, it suggests that there are important matters dealing with this present life AND our future lives. While Heaven and Earth are key themes, so is “AND”.

Q: What happened to Purgatory and Hell?

A: They burned themselves out.

Q: Which songs on the album do you enjoy most?

A: I enjoy each for different reasons. They each employ a different style, and each has a different story behind them. For example, I wrote Heaven and Earth while living in Oaxaca City. I stayed in a hostel, and every morning for two weeks, I climbed onto the roof of the hostel, prayed, got lit and wrote Hott Hedd speaks to those who are, like me, dumbfounded by the way our world works (or doesn’t work).

Q: What kind of people will enjoy the album?

A. Anybody interested in hard-hitting beats and razor sharp lyrics. People interested in the interface between theology, literature, Latino culture, philosophy and Hip Hop will dig it. People looking for that next shit will feel it.


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